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My weight loss e-book

my personal journey through weight loss coverI have written this e-book to help inspire people who want to lose weight. After all, if I, a completely ordinary home maker, at the age of almost 60, can do it, so can almost everyone! The book describes many of the steps I took and discusses common pitfalls. It is divided into eight sections and is illustrated throughout:

  • Introduction

  • How to Gain Weight without Much Effort

  • Food

  • Exercise

  • Support

  • Journey’s End

  • The Ongoing Story

  • Conclusion

It is just under 15,000 words long, so I hope short enough to contain lots of useful information but not so long that you won’t read it!

You can buy my ebook for Kindle directly from Amazon here.

If you’re not yet ready to buy, you can also sample the first chapter free.