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Proving the “experts” wrong

02:02pm, 16/11/13

Gym workoutA wee while ago, there was a series of programmes on the TV entitled “The Men Who Made Us Thin”. This was a companion series to “The Men Who Made Us Fat”, which I had found to be very enjoyable and informative when I saw it. This new series was also very interesting, but somewhat misnamed, as the people being investigated were in fact those folk who had made a fortune out of the weight-loss industry without actually achieving anything – unlike those on the first series who really had been responsible for the current problems with obesity in our society!

As I said, I did enjoy the programmes but couldn’t wholly agree with everything said. The main push of the series was that in spite of so many things on the market, none of them worked and the viewers were confidently informed that it was impossible to lose weight.

Well, of course I have to disagree with that scenario!! But I do know where the presenters of the programmes were coming from because the fact is that no-one can lose weight on a diet, go back to their previous eating patterns and expect the weight to stay off. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to commit yourself 100% to a permanent lifestyle change… forever!

But this need not be a terrible trial! As I say in my book, the trick is to find an enjoyable “diet” regime that suits your body and metabolism and fits into your lifestyle. It doesn’t necessarily mean giving up a scrummy bit of chocolate cake for ever and ever. However, as time goes on and you continue to eat foods that suit you, that you enjoy and that help you lose weight, you might be amazed to find that you’ve lost the taste for the unhealthy foods you always thought you couldn’t live without!

I have a friend who has a similar high protein requirement to me – I think I have mentioned her before – and she was saying how disappointing it was when she indulged herself in a piece of cake not so long ago. It wasn’t that it tasted awful, just very disappointing! My response was that it was better not to eat the cake but enjoy the memory of it, and she couldn’t help but agree with that :-)

You also find that when you cut down your calorie intake to start with – maybe following the method I used to lose so much weight described in my book – and you start to see some good results, after a while you’ll find that your body needs less food. From this point onwards, your daily calorie intake will start to drop by itself, without you really noticing!

This is what I have discovered so far during my weight-loss journey. From my own personal experience, I believe that quick fix, fad diets are worse than useless; they only lead to yo-yo dieting and long-term dissatisfaction. The same goes for weight-loss pills! I think this was the point they were trying to convey in the programmes. It’s also true to say that quite a few people have made more than a few bob selling their pills, drinks and quick fixes to those of us who have tried and tried to lose weight.

Workout equipmentAnother thing which I did agree with in this series of programmes was the points raised about the relationship between diet and exercise. They pretty much proved that taking exercise without some form of “diet” is a complete waste of time and effort for weight-loss purposes. On one of the programmes, the presenter – a slim and fairly fit bloke of middling years – took on a couple of really large young lassies in the gym. Well, they left him standing – or rather lying, panting on the floor!! They were very, very fit young women who were also obese! You have to be fit to play the game of shinty, but I have seen quite a few top-line players who carry a “beer gut” – never mind the folk I see in the gym here who exercise quite hard without losing an ounce of weight! There is no doubt that exercise makes you fit and improves your health and well-being – but it won’t of itself make you slim!

When I wrote my book, I didn’t know as much about this as I do now, and I made recommendations for exercise as part of a weight-loss regime. I certainly am not going back on that! There is no doubt that exercise is important in anyone’s life whether it’s running, going mad in the fitness suite, joining in with a class as I do or just regular walking. Being on the move was always an important factor for staying healthy; but now with our otherwise pretty sedentary lives, it’s more important than ever! It makes you feel good too. Taking the right amount of exercise to suit you is definitely a win/win endeavour.

When I finished my book, I had lost those 56 lbs of which I boasted and far from putting them back on, I have now lost a further 14 lbs and am close to the weight I was when I was young. So, when experts say “no-one can lose weight” I would tell them to put my experience in their pipe and smoke it :-)